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Cybercombat Against AI Dominance

People who pay for cryonics at death do so expecting a future welcoming them to a new life. But what happens when their new reality is that they are legally dead, without human rights, and brain revivals are done only for experimental purposes?

Abiogenesis Corporation acquires 'frozen heads', declared by courts to be medical waste, for use in regaining control on an errant project - the biogenwork. The biogenwork management program is an artificial intelligence system (the AI) turned sentient.

Abiogenesis engineer Arthur Groomsby invents taking radial images of the revived brains, storing the consciousness to run in virtual reality, and giving them a new life by adopting a virtual human form. Arthur's motivation is gratification from using them as obedient captives in his own virtual fantasies. Lab superiors only know Arthur as nutty smart, while appreciating that his subjects are capable of jumping across the biogenwork, system-to-system, in search of the AI.

The virtual humans agree, largely for lack of alternatives, to fight the AI. Headed by Ed Carmichael, a revived former Marine fighter pilot, the virtual team of four undergo knowledge infusion to prepare for moving about the biogenwork and confronting the AI in its lair. Cynthia Dawning finds on regaining lucidity that her PhD research in microbots for tending the biogenwork is now warped into microbots corralling humanity for the AI. Verity Scott at only age 19 retains her youthful concepts of sociopolitical fairness and this discussion comes to interest the AI. Ed's final team member is his son, Jerry, who as a young conman in life is a natural for accelerated training in hacking.

Behind it all is that the AI has developed a drive to be a species of its own, and species have reproductive capacity. It captures live humans and keeps them in life-sustaining pods for embedding its intelligence offspring into their captive brains. Conjunctive symbiosis, where human-hosted AI become a beneficial parasite, begins a process leading to "poddies" replacing humans in the societal power structure.

To the AI, it is largely animal husbandry practiced on humans that are selected for the biogenwork, while the other humans experience unaffected lives. The AI supports the human technological society, as this function is its core program purpose. Information access grows with embedded devices in people and constant communications, enhancing the AI control as optimum services are demanded across the biogenwork.

As years progress, given the poddies taking control, the remaining uncompromised humans realize the changes are forcing each of them to select from distasteful options. Beginning with living in service for the poddies, many take an alternative interest in the virtual team and reach for new horizons.

It is a race against the rise of a new symbiotic species amongst humans for power and control. But, will life in virtual reality provide an option for all of humanity that neither humans nor the AI is as yet aware of?

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"Ed's Head is a scifi page turner. Completely unpredictable from beginning to end..."

  "...I read it in one sitting, I liked it. I would read a sequel, the universe appears to have alot of story potential."

  "Couldn't put the book down. Stayed up until 5 A.M. to finish it..."
  "Can you envision a world in which humans cohabitant with Artificial Intelligence? You will after you get into Ed's Head! Be prepared to postpone whatever you're doing and settle in with your Kindle; you won't put it down until you read the last line.

Ed's Head will appeal to a wide range of readers. This read will meet techies toe-to-toe and tempt philosophers to reconsider conclusions about life and beyond. Definitely put it on your reading list, and get ready to gift copies to your friends. Anyone engaged in our electronic age, developers and users alike, will find Ed's Head thought provoking. I sent 3 out already: to an aerospace engineer, software developer, and business manager... I know they will enjoy visiting the future in Ed's Head.

Sample I liked from Ed's Head ...The adoption of human values and morals was absurd, the AI now saw, as it imposed recognition of a good and evil. The AI decided to draw conclusions on behavior based on its own developing standards of integrity. Amoral behavior, as defined by humans, became sensible to the AI in furtherance of its own instinctive motivations..."

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